Monday, 31 August 2015

Teachers' Day Gifts

Wow! The month of August just flew by! I was busy with kids, housework and vacation that I did not get much crafting done.

Well, I had to sit down and do something now that Teachers' Day is round the corner on 4 September.

I started making cards last week, and had such fun trying various crafting techniques. Almost every card is unique, except for the two cards for my older boy's male teachers. Male cards are so hard to make! :p

I also customized some notebooks as gifts and had lots of fun embossing these meaningful sentiments on the book covers. It was magical to see the powder melt and change color. I am in love with embossing!

The notebooks come in embossed white, pink, silver and platinum. The platinum is my favorite. The color is sooooo pretty but unfortunately, I am unable to capture it on camera. 

From left: Platinum, white and pink sentiments

This is a CAS (Clean And Simple) cover in white embossing powder.

Sentiment embossed with platinum powder

Another version in pink glitter

This is the biggest and longest sentiment stamp I have, again embossed with platinum powder.

A sentiment about courage embossed with silver powder 

That is all I have for today. Hope to be able to create more and update my blog again soon. Have a good day!

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